External Team

Naturally, we will also always be available on site during the interior decoration. Our sales force precisely measures your rooms and correctly and professionally fits our products. We would be pleased to take over the wall coverings, laying of carpets and floor coverings, wallpapering — also with fabric and silk wallpaper —, the fitting of curtains, wall preparations and much more. We also produce individual custom-made products in our workshop and will fit them in your room according to your exact wishes. We are proud that the professionally trained Buchele Raumgestaltung employees have, for example, mastered the art of hidden wall covering like no other. This is often used for large walls. From wall preparations to the necessary wood construction through to finally, even the hand-sewn stitch, our team will complete all the work on site. We are proud to have many years of experience in this area and be able to look back at the many well-known references.